Lead Travel Expert
Reaching the unreachable, connecting with others and understanding the world is Mona’s motivation for travelling through life (preferably by bicycle or on foot).
After graduating from the University of Warsaw with a degree in Social Science, Mona then worked as a Foreign Office intern as well as an officer in an academic project co-founded by the European Commission, and later with multiple NGOs in Asia and Europe. Currently working in London at Connections as a Buyer Manager, she is leading the Adventure department and helping travel leaders connect with each other during niche networking events around the world. Transformed by everything that went well and wrong during 5 years of journeys to nearly 60 countries across 5 continents, Monika is ready for adventure, learning and new experiences, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whenever she can, she runs, meditates, hikes and sharpens her rock-climbing skills.
In 2018, Monika joined international movement of the Transformational Travel Council, becoming their Ally Program Manage

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founder of nomaddict

My outdoor experience started when I was yet to discover how to walk. At the age of 17, I joined mountain leader training and started to climb the mountains. Since then, I travelled 60 countries in search for the most unique, authentic and extreme environments on Earth. After having managed two travel-related projects and having run two companies, I opted to share with others what I love the most. I decided to apply for guide training, lead expeditions all over the world and help you plan your future adventure no matter what your background, conditions or experience.

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I’ve been on the road for 8 years, basically all of my adulthood since leaving university. I see travelling as the most unique and effective education system, that’s why I’ll never stop, I never want to stop learning. I love having spontaneity in my life.  No day is the same as the last and every day I find I’ve learnt something new whether it be something related to languages, culture, geo-politics, nutrition, permaculture or something random about string theory.  Travelling creates opportunities for self discovery.  My ambition is to continue with helping in education while travelling, introducing more effective learning methodology focussing on creativity to traditional schooling systems.


I’m Arnaud, 31 years old and I have been living and traveling abroad the last 6 years (North and South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Caribbean and Europe). What I love in the travel is the motion. I love to look for the most exciting way to get to the chosen destination. I particularly enjoy the water ways. Taking a hammock ferry to travel in Amazonia, volunteering on a sailing boat in the Caribbean or even taking a river boat to get around in Bangkok: water is a unique way to connect with a place. I also enjoy the self transportation travels like riding a bicycle through a country which is the kind of transport that will give you a thrill and enable a special connection with the people. Alongside that I’ve got the Master in business and the Licence degree in French Law and I am working as a video maker (greenteavideo.com).


Originally a mix of Spanish and Kiwi (New Zealand), I’m a world citizen with a passion for education and new experiences. Studied at Autonomous University of Barcelona and University of Helsinki. Volunteered, inter alia, for the Fundació Autònoma Solidària in Barcelona, the Bring the Thoughts to Action in Nepal and the Salaam Baalak NGO in New Delhi. Currently I am working in the Network Internation School in Yangon, Myanmar as the primary teacher. The drastic highs and lows of being on the road have not put me off, and the need for giving back to the places I visit drives me to search for sustainable ways of travel. After all we don’t travel to see, we travel to learn! Privately, Eddie Veddar and Bob Dylan, chocolate, laughter and freedom enthusiast.