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Christmas Travel gift Planning Voucher by is a comprehensive itinerary for personalized travelling

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On sale till 23rd Dec 2017




+ 15$ / DAY

You get a plan which is easy to follow, well-thought and personalized to your travel profile and preferences we get from the answers to the Questionnaire. Every day contains recommended activities, restaurant, side trips and other suggestions for a day.

+ Advice on the airport transfer and hotel for the first night

It may be slightly confusing when you have just got to your destination to adapt to the new conditions (like a change in weather, customs, language spoken, etc.) that may have an impact on you. There are some “tricky” countries in the world where scams at the transportation hubs tend to happen and it is advisable to be careful. Wherefore, we are offering you the “Cushion effect” included in all Travel Plans, since we want to assure your experience from the very first moment is stress and risk-free.

Country in a brief and its characteristics – what makes it distinctive and how it stands out. We want to introduce you to the destination so that you know what is actually waiting there for you.

The more you know about the country, the more chances you have to understand it well and get around comfortably.

Good choice of the climate type and season to go on holidays may result in big/no success of any trip. We will never suggest you picking any destination which is, let’s take, economic, due to some inconveniences taking place on the spot (like a monsoon or humid season, social conflict, uprising, natural catastrophe). Your undisturbed security and endless satisfaction are what we care mostly about while preparing your itinerary – we strive to create solely good memories reflected on your photos with weather conditions you like* in their backgrounds.

*We can assure the good season choice or climate fitting but with the weather itself you can never tell.

In the Preparation guide you will find some valid tips on how to prepare well for the best & the worst than can happen during your travel (with the high ‘the best’ prevalence of course if any ‘the worst’ happens at all 😉 ) This includes our proven modes, devices, gadgets, manners of organising and sorting out all travel related issues, e.g. laminated passport copies.

There is something more we can offer you than the regular, predictable security measures – all tips you will get with Travel Plan we learnt by experience, even more by mistakes. Nevertheless, whatever happens, please remember to maintain the golden mean between the foolishness and the undue, exaggerated foresight – fear has a quick ear but does not have much to do with any security threat. Still, the majority of accidents happen at home – you do not have to travel farther than to your kitchen to put yourself in danger 😉

If you keep worrying, please check our 24h assistance >>

Each travel we have done taught us something more on how to take care of health efficiently and what is actually necessary to put into the kit. Our first-aid kit always is: universal, essential, well-described and in a minimal size – so that you are prepared for any minor emergency, wherever your feet have taken you.

Some proven information on countries’ customs is good and advisable to have before crossing any border. It is problems-saving. Helps avoid unnecessary embarrasment and delays. Added to every Plan to travel smoothly, no matter how independent you might be.



+ 20$ / DAY


“MAP” and “NAVIGATION” Travel Plans include recommended accommodation options throughout your travel. If you do not have enough time to do it yourself or just do not enjoy searching the Web, just let us know what kind of standard you are looking for, discuss it and choose your picks from the options we will provide you with.

Standard may vary from the place to place mentioned by us but all of them are proven to be of a good reputation. We strive to suggest the accommodation places we have already checked personally or the ones proven to be of indisputable quality.

– “Nomad” (option 1) is going to be a well-matching option for travellers on the budget who are in a constant search of the places where fellow backpackers stay and there is loads going on (in this kind of places, you are bound to meet people aged between 18-35 and may be sure you will always have some company and wide range of possibilities).

– “Our recommendation” is going to be a place we have probably stayed over, in some cases for longer then we primarily assumed. The homes away from home.

– The “Top choice” is the good one for travellers who do not care to spend a little bit more on originality and particular ambience mixed with comfort and quality. It may be an ecological finca (‘finca’ means a farm), artistic middle-range bed&breakfast or part of the beautifully situated retro villa or an adapted jungle huts somewhere inside the thick forest or on the coast.

Be aware that all accommodation we suggest is sustainability-friendly – what means everybody is going to benefit from you choice – you and local economy.

“MAP” and “NAVIGATION” Travel Plans include recommended transportation options throughout your travel. After your itinerary and its highlights have been chosen and discussed, we should link them by some sort of transportation like airplanes, trains, buses, rented cars/jeeps or motorcycles, bicycles, shared taxis, etc. Provided that we advise only on countries we have been to, we believe we can associate a mean of transportation with your travel style, preferences, number of travel companions, climate, weather, landform, etc.

You will make the most of travelling if you get closer to the locals. In order to learn and interact beneficially do not fail to be open-minded and respectful. We have added the Ethics guide to all our offers to make it easy for you not only to understand the local culture and way of living but to gain mutually out of it.

See our article on SUSTAINABLE TRAVELLING >>

The good insurance cover is substantial and we suggest you not only buying it but choosing the one which will fit optimally to the type of your travel and especially – activities you are going to take up. We will help to pick 3 the best options for you, ensuring no-affiliation with any insurance company.

In many countries, it is a duty to get vaccinations long time before the date of the arrival.

Although some vaccinations are obligatory, others can be immunizations or just recommended. Do not underestimate the risk and consider having ones that are advisable by your doctor. Nomaddict will propose you possibly reasonable solution.

Many countries have visa requirement. Without one you are not allowed to enter their territories. The period of time you are allowed to stay (or numbers of entries) differs from country to country and it often depends on your nationality. Let us check your case closely and make sure you are aware of all visa related issues before planning your trip. Applying for your visa in country’s embassy is not always quickest and cheapest way.



+ 25$ / DAY


Along with your “NAVIGATION” Travel Plan you get our 24h support. We provide you with our personal contact details + other practical tips to solve frequent problems efficiently and guarantee a prompt reply (we will get back to you in 12h to the latest).

For more details see: 24h assistance >>

Nomaddict understands that the time just before the dreamed-of, awaited departure may be uneasy and not infrequently perturbing. It should be said that it is also an inseparable part of travelling to feel excited to the limits – so do not worry and get used to the feeling many travellers get addicted to ;). To ease your mind and let you enjoy the whole experience, nomaddict offers its assistance. One week before your trip we begin to help you with last-minute matters by unlimited e-mail contact.

We equally look after both – quality and efficiency of our services. To keep you posted we will send to your e-mail address all important information on your travel you cannot miss. Moreover, we remind you not only about the deadlines but try to make sure you are getting prepared, step-by-step, without an unnecessary hassle.

Detailed packing list will be of a great help for those who are not enthusiastic about packing itself… Does it seem to be hardly possible to pack reasonably on your own? Are you worried by the threat of forgetting something non-substitutable? Well, we will be pleased to get it done for all who feel confused, irritated, worried, tired of the numerous packing attempts, etc. or to guide you and pass you what we have learnt about it over years. Navigation Travel Plan designed by nomaddict contains the extended package list that has been proven and tested on various travels (different in duration, profile, climate and landmark specificity, etc.). There is no chance you will forget anything that matters!

We advise on gear and equipment, as we believe your backpack and its content are your remote home. Another proven fact is that the good quality equipment can contribute not only to your safety and comfort but to the quality of your memories and the whole endeavour. Good quality gear, if well-treated and maintained, may serve you, in many cases, for lifetime.

You’ll get three options of the flights (one-way/return) we found for you so that you don’t spend countless hours on searching and comparing. We will look for the flights for the dates that suit your timetable, including your luggage, remind you of all important deadlines and time you are supposed to get to the airport, be by the gate, etc. – with Nomaddict even the stressful moment can turn into the trifle!

Have you been wondering how to steal locals’ hearts and benefit to the fullest from your stay? Let’s get the hang of some practical phrases included in the nomaddict’s phrasebook. We can tell from our hands-on experience that a command of some useful phrases is local language/dialect will gain you points, it is widely appreciated by local people and happens to open the doors to their reality for maybe an amateur but the willing speaker.