Nomaddictis is a travel counselling service, whose purpose is to maintain the golden mean between the organized, package holiday and an unexpectable backpacking experience while taking care We combine the itinerary planning and sense of security with optimal dose of room for manoeuvre and flexibility so that your experience was equally – safe and exciting. Nomaddict’s offers are individually tailored to your needs and interests. What is more, we care about sustainability. Nomaddict Team’s main task is to create the self-made and unique personalized packages of different services so that you can travel as you like without spending time you do not necessarily have on planning and researching. Nomaddict can plan trip you never thought possible to do it yourself and will not soon forget – and we know how to do it well as all our assistance is based-on our hands-on travelling experience!

Yes, of course we can 🙂 Everybody is welcome, no matter what is your background. Nomaddict appreciates and respects all the styles of travelling as long as they are fair enough. We do not call for everybody to become a nomad 🙂 but to keep learning by exploring since we believe travelling is the integral and crucial part of education.


We provide you with warnings and cautions which you can find included in every package.
At times some unexpected and unpleasant incidents happen and there is no way you can prevent them from taking place. Nevertheless, we know from personal experience that every situation has a solution and that practising prevention works. Hence we will surely suggest you providing yourself with the trustworthy, well-proven insurance and reading carefully our practical guide.

Nomaddict is not a travel agency. Neither there are tour guides nor we are travel agents. We are building the itineraries for travellers, giving applicative advices, recommendations and warnings packets and putting them together into our three packages. Our comprehensive packages will provide you with everything you need to travel confidently in a stress-free way. There is no tour group but you will never alone unless it is what you want.

It is easy and fast. The first thing to do is to put your travel ideas and personal preferences into a questionnaire. By you filling it, we get a chance to get to know, understand your needs and combine them with our experience-based knowledge. In 3 days we will get back to you with 3 answer-based itinerary drafts with the detailed description of the 3 packages available. Further, if you like any of them (suggestions welcome) and choose it, we will get it done for you within a week (there is a possibility to get it asap when necessary). The content of the package of your choice will guide you once on the road. It is when travel of your dreams begins! Nevertheless, wherever you are and at all times, we are happy to assist.

The drafts comprise of photos and basic but informative version of the exemplary itinerary which has been matched to your preferences. The plan you get includes the place of your destination, budget, duration, suggested transportation methods place by place, list of highlights and an concise explanation why would you love this particular option.

Package of your choice is prepared to be convenient, in a way you can take and use its content wherever you are.  Since we care about the sustainability and ecology, our packages will be provided in formats suitable for the usage on any of your devices.

There are cases when answers coming from the questionnaire let us think there is no way to fulfil your aspirations although we would do our best to meet your needs otherwise. Out of our experience of confronting the travelling reality and, above all, to avoid you being disappointed, we will not attempt to build the itinerary for you if we are unable or feel incompetent. Any unrealistic desire we cannot make (mainly because of the impossibilities associated with an insufficient budget or time you want to visit the particular place) real will result in a service refusal along with the clear explanation.

We are always happy to hear from you and help at all times. We are reachable via e-mail for everybody, regardless what type of package. We will do our best to get back to you with the practical solution as soon as possible as we understand how confusing travelling happens to be. Considering that, our packages include applicative advices, recommendations and warnings – check them in case of any difficulty encountered. Additionally, available in our offer, Full Package provides you with the 24 hours a day/7 days a week assistance (via telephone, Skype, whatever available) to help you then and there with any problem during the time you are gone.

Let’s play with words. We call it sustainable travelling but there are many other equivalents like engaged, ethnic, fair trade and responsible travelling. It can be different kind of tourism like educational, solidarity, immerse or peace but what is more important is what sense it makes to you. To travel in a sustainable way, we are not oriented at getting or receiving but giving and contributing. We are aware of what we should do and what we do not and truly understand why. We travel to get to know, to understand, to appreciate and contribute to the others better. On the road with Nomaddict, etics is what guides you through all the experience.

We put the emphasis on the authenticity of our work. Because of that, are the packages are being prepared individually, wherefore it will take us a couple of days (up to four weeks itineraries will take us at least one week to create, the longer ones are subject to consultancy).

Firsty, everybody is unique and we know how to take advantage of that fact. Secondly, every journey is different and we probably know (after filling the questionnaire 😉 )which one would suit you the best. Thirdly, we do believe in cooperation to get the best results possible. Last but not least, we do care about the natural habitat and want to make sure the way we travel is sustainable. Eventually, we craft the well-fitting, personalized package for you to assure you utilize your time (and save money) to the fullest and make use of your unlimited abilities while travelling. The adventure with Nomaddict is equally convenient as extraordinary – because we  believe we are all valuable and unique.

The price depends on what you order. The prices for the Package vary depending on the type of the extension chosen and the number of days you travel for. To see the actual prices, please go to:

The Package you get is in the PDF format. It is colourful, filled with pictures, maps, graphics and immensity of the practical information which is clearly displayed as it is prepared to be easy to follow, understand and to inspire. Besides, each of the three available Packages consists of some different components. The “Compass” is the most basic one, nevertheless includes seventeen different chapters. The “Map” and the “Navigation” are more elaborated and include some different chapters along with some extra options.

To pay for your Draft, make a downpayment or final payment you can:

– pay via the PayPal payment gateway

– pay by credit card on the site

– make a bank transfer by your on-line banking

Of course you can. You have two full days after the date the Package was sent to you to make a complaint. You do it by downloading, filling out, signing and sending the Letter of Complaint available at the bottom of the website to within the time mentioned. The Letter of Complaint, if received in the appropriate form and provided that it does not lack any information, is going to be looked into within seven full days after the date when the User got the confirmation of the User’s Letter delivery from the part of the nomaddict. Besides, the cash refund should not be expected as the result of the Letter of Complaint. Instead, it may only result in an one-time, complementary correction. If the complaint is assumed as reasonable, it will take us seven full days after the date we confirm our familiarization with the Letter to apply the changes. Along with the decision on applying the correction, the User resigns of any further claims.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract as well as to resign. The right of withdrawal from the Contract may be performed in case when we do not comply with the contract or do not honour the deadline for the delivery indicated in the Terms or when there is no co-operation in between the contract parties, such as notorious lack of the answers to the questions, if the answers are indispensable for the work creation process (the notorious means: lasting for at least fourteen days). The only possible result of the withdrawal from the contract is the payment refund (for the Draft) and downpayment refund (for the Package). In the case the withdrawal from the contract happens by your fault, we keep payment (for the Draft) and the downpayment (for the Package).

The right to resign from the contract may be performed in case when you are unable or do not have the possibility to make use of the Package due to serious illness, injury and reasons independent of yourself, provided that you are able to confirm them officially. It would can result in the total payment refund.

It depends of the extensions of the Package you have chosen. Nevertheless, we are happy to help you throughout the entire travel. Having chosen the “Compass” or the “Map” Package, you can contact us via the contact form available at and we will do our best to reply within 48 hours. All together with your “Navigation” Package you get the 24h Assistance during your trip and the personal contact details to the person who is supposed to assist your inquiries, try to resolve your problems and reply to you within 12 hours to the latest.

Although we are deeply committed to create the best-fitting plan for you, there is always a chance of something unexpectable happening. We cannot guarantee your 100% secure and hassle-free stay, however much we strive for it. To assure yourself, please equip yourself with a non-random insurance cover, take vaccinations (some of them long prior to travel) advised by your doctor, follow our Safety Tips, Customs, Visa and Vaccination info, How to prepare, Introduction to the country and Sustainability guide bookmarks and do not forget about all regular security measures before and throughout the whole travel.

We are not allowed by law to arrange any booking for you as we do not operate as the tour operator. Nonetheless, we are happy to recommend you on booking options, share our tactics and explain meticulously how to do it step-by-step.